Cocktail Menu

House cocktails

Cranberry Mule- Vodka, Cranberry juice, Gingerbread, Lime juice

Hampton Hippie- OFD watermelon shine, OFD pina colada shine & lemonade

Summer in the Hampton’s- OFD pineapple shine & orange/mango juice

Foggy Palmer- OFD sour lemon shine & iced tea

Moonmosa- OFD apple pie shine, orange juice & ginger ale

Moon-Rita- Lemon lime slush, lime juice & OFD xxx shine

Strawberry Daquiri- OFD one thumb rum, lime juice & strawberry slush

Moscow Mule- OFD vodka, lime juice & ginger beer

Dave Matthews- OFD Pina Colada shine, Disaronno, pineapple juice & cranberry juice

Vodka Cranberry Screwdriver

Gin & Soda Rum & Coke

Whiskey Sour/Soda 

Regular revolving taps of local craft beer, cider, and our very own Giver River mixed cocktails


Green Appletini- OFD green apple shine, OFD vodka & lemon juice

Espresso- OFD vodka, OFD buckshot, cold coffee, vanilla cream

Chocolate-Baileys, white choc. Liqueur, OFD vodka

Salted Caramel- Baileys, OFD salted caramel shine, OFD vodka

Lemon Drop- OFD vodka, OFD sour lemon shine, lemon juice & simple syrup

Wine 6oz or 9oz glasses- Pinot grigio Cabernet sauvignon

Coffee/boozy coffee

Hot chocolate/boozy chocolate Slushies/boozy slushies

Non-alcoholic Options Available


Canned Beer Subject to Change:
Moose Light Coors Light Michelob Ultra

Specialty cocktails

Foggy Mama- OFD one thumb rum, OFD pina colada shine, orange & pineapple juice

Melon-Collie- Green melon, OFD key lime shine & OFD vodka

Blue Heron- blue curacao, sparkling water, OFD pina colada shine & OFD one thumb rum

Wet Dream- OFD dreamsicle shine, orange juice, milk & vanilla cream

Gin Cucumber Mint- mint leaves, cucumber, OFD gin and carbonated water

Strawberry Rhubarb Gin Collins- OFD strawberry rhub. shine, OFD gin, star anise & hibiscus simple syrup

Mint Chocolate Cappuccino- OFD frosty mint shine, cold coffee, chocolate milk, vanilla cream

White Russian (Doubles only)- OFD buck shot, OFD vodka & milk

Barbies Dream- OFD cotton candy shine, lavender P flower syrup & sprite

Root Beer Snowball- root beer shine, milk & vanilla cream

Menu items are subject to change according to seasonality and availability.