High quality ingredients produce high quality spirits

Ole Foggy Distillery produces premium, hand-crafted spirits that blend the pride of New Brunswick with locally sourced ingredients and down-to-earth hard work. They take pride in delivering the absolute best products to their customers.

Moonshine XXX

XXX Moonshine, 50%

This isn’t your Grandpa’s illegal moonshine! Ole Foggy Distillery moonshine is produced through raw grain fermentations using fresh corn locally sourced from Kars, New Brunswick barley and wheat grown in New Brunswick and malted in Prince Edward Island.

One Thumb Rum

One Thumb Rum, 40%

As an importer and the Canadian distributor of Just Panela raw cane sugar from Columbia, Ole Foggy Distillery uses the Just Panela raw cane sugar to create a 40% rum with a twist on what others are doing in the rum world.

River Valley Vodka

River Valley Vodka, 40%

Produced with raw cane sugar, Ole Foggy Distillery vodka is 20-plus times distilled resulting in a super clean, super refined, sought-after spirit.


Gin, 41%

Ole Foggy Distillery’s gin is created with a blend of juniper, coriander, cardamom, bitter orange, sweet orange, lemon, orris, cinnamon and star anise, providing a very smooth, clean, fresh product with citrus finish.

Buck Shot Coffee Liqueur

Buck Shot Coffee Liqueur, 18%

Using sea buckthorn berry juice made from berries from Chipman, Ole Foggy Distillery begins with the fermentation process to create a wine must that is then distilled to produce the brandy they use in their coffee liqueur. They also incorporate locally sourced coffee and maple syrup.

Apple Pie

Apple Pie, 20%

Apple Pie is made with apple cider, apple juice and spices. If you like grandmas apple pie you’re going to love this.

Strawberry Rhubarb

Strawberry Rhubarb, 18%

Strawberry Rhubarb is made from local berries and rhubarb and is sweet with a hint of tart.

Flavoured Moonshine, 15%

Made with raw, local ingredients whenever possible, Ole Foggy Distillery’s flavoured moonshines are customer favourites. The flavoured moonshines all come from the same base of spirit, but with different flavours added. Popular flavours, including some seasonal, are dreamsicle, key lime, sour lemon, black cherry, root beer, pina colada, pineapple, cotton candy, watermelon crawl, grape, frosty mint, just peachy and merry cranberry.

Merry Cranberry

Black Cherry

Cotton Candy



Just Peachy

Key Lime

Frosty Mint

Root Beer Ole Foggy Distillery

Root Beer

Sour Lemon

Watermelon Crawl

Pina Colada Ole Foggy Distillery

Pina Colada

Still to come

Ole Foggy Distillery continues to work on additional spirits to add to its line-up of products. It is currently developing a spiced rum and is utilizing different blends of grains to produce a line of whiskies.

Aaron and Christina invite you to stop by the distillery to shop for your favourite spirit and discover new flavours they are currently working on. They look forward to sharing their passion with you!